About Us

As a small business owner herself, Marty Maskall is aware of the many challenges facing small business. She is committed to making your life easier, and that is why she founded Attitude Works Web Design.

Marty Maskall is an entrepreneur and a published author. She has owned her own business since 1986. In 1990 she published her first book,
The Attitude Treasury: 101 Inspiring Quotations.   In 1993 she published her second book, The Athena Treasury: 101 Inspiring Quotations by Women.  As the daughter of an English teacher, Marty has learned to appreciate the importance of clear, concise writing and simple design that communicates effectively.

Marty has a B.S. from Stanford University and an M.A. from Duke University. In addition to her background as an author and publisher, she has experience as an executive recruiter. She also is a National Executive Director with IMPaX HealthPrime, makers of EnerPrime and other outstanding nutritional products.

Marty is starting a Cohousing community in the suburbs of Sacramento, CA.  For more info, visit www.sacsuburbancohousing.org

To contact Marty, call (916) 967-2472 or email her.



The Attitude Treasury
101 Inspiring Quotations 



The Athena Treasury
101 Inspiring Quotations by Women